To register, you will be taken through the following steps :-
  1. the first thing that needs to be done is to get a password to your account, if you do not already have one. this, unfortunately, is not your cluster password, nor is it your csir email password - you have to get one here. use the password reset link on the left.
  2. this is keyed to your email address - if you no longer have access to the one you originally gave us, you will have to ask helpdesk to change it. maybe a previous university or company ?
  3. take your personal details, like email (used for logging in to our system) and university details if you are an academic.
  4. log in - using those details.
  5. tell us what events at the meeting you would be interested in. this will only be made final at the end of august after gauging interest. you should get an email confirming your booking. you may log in again at any time to change your preferences.
  6. if you are considering presenting, please complete your registration on this page and upload abstracts from the booking page before september 15th.
  7. you will be invoiced at a later date for attendance.

first, a little about yourself:

Please save yourself time and check if you already have an account with us - please don't do a duplicate registration. Mail us at if you have lost access to your old email address.

search the chpc User Portal for your last name:

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