Hi there, if you're seeing this page it's probably because someone told you to have a look and test. I'm pretty sure this hasn't been linked to from our main site, so if it has and you're reading this it means someone really dropped the ball and forgot to make a decent message telling you the things that we should be telling you.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record -- these pages in /reports/ are under development and none should be considered production level.
So use at your own risk!.

Okay, now that we have the dire warnings out the way, please look around and please please please give us feedback about things that are broken or need improving or any new features you'd like to see.
On the left hand side you'll see the menu and there are three main things you'll find:
  • Reporting: Here you'll find tools to generate reports for research programmes that you're involved with, as well as some reports that give a vague idea of the cluster health.
  • Tools: Here you'll find miscellaneous tools such as a link to check if your IP has been blocked on the cluster or to run qstat on the cluster.
  • Benchmarking: Here are some links to look at various benchmarks and related information that have been run on the cluster.